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    If you are finding brown flakes or powder in your machine it is actually rust. There are two main reasons this can happen. When using chlorine bleach in hard water the bleach separates out the iron or manganese and causes it to build up in the machine. When enough of the mineral has built up it begins to flake off in your laundry.

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    The brown spots happened when the bearings on the drum were going. Was repaired under warranty and no problems since. We had a similar brown marking on clothes in the tumble drier and that turned out to be the thermostat gone and the marks were burn marks. Hope the info helps 13 November 2009 at 7 13PM mr_moneysaver_2 Forumite 5 Posts

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    Put 1/2 cup of baking soda in the detergent dispenser and 2 cups of vinegar on the drum. Run a hot water wash cycle. How does it look behind the rubber seals on the door You ll have to go to town with a sponge to clean it off there. thanks I ll try my best to wipe it off but I can t get to the really deep recesses of the seal. Reply

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    I ve seen something similar once where the tub crud was flaking off and getting into the wash basket. You d have to pop the top open and remove the top tub ring and see if you have the same thing under the ring or around the inside of the outer tub. If there is you d just have to clean it out the hard way. steeeeeeen • 6 yr. ago

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    Remove the mid freezer rack by lifting the right side and pushing it in to the side to free the left side posts. Remove the back wall of the freezer compartment by removing the two screws. Pull the top of the back wall towards you and then lift the bottom and pull out. Remove the grounding clip from the back.

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    Took off hoses slight rust going replace but then I took the back panel off of the washer and notice the shell of the internal drum which is a white plastic has a brown color on inside it at certain parts. No clue how to dismantle this and clean. Something like this. Quote EWC88 Members 24 687 posts Trader Feedback 0 0 0

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    I have been having the same issue with WA52J8700AW. Dirt deposits after wash on bottom of drum and on clothes.

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    Apr 1 2021Causes Brown Flakes in Washing Machine is without cleaning of washing machine properly. Many people consider it mildew but it is not actually mildew it is iron or manganese. Water may contain iron or manganese oxide the visual presence of metals as oxides are impossible.

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    Open the lid (so the machine stops) and allow it to sit for an hour so that the vinegar can do its job to get rid of the bacteria hiding in all those nooks and crannies and the hoses of your machine. Every time I run a wash these mysterious black flakes appear which .. Press J to jump to the feed.

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    Mold spores can be found almost anywhere indoors and out and you and your clothing are a movable feast. "Dirty laundry is a major source of mold spores in the washer " says Li who conducted lab

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    Jan 1 2022When too much of the mineral has accumulated in your machine it begins to flake off. Brown red or black flakes can be found. To fix this fill the washer halfway with water and add half a cup of either rust remover such as CLR or a powdered citrus drink mix such as tang or two cups of either lime or lemon juice.

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    Subject Brown Flakes in Washer Drum Anonymous I am so stumped When I use the hot water setting on my washer all these brown flakes appear in the drum/ on my clothes First step may be to use a washing machine cleaner pack just to see if that helps. 07/07/2021 12 43 Subject Brown Flakes in Washer Drum Anonymous Anonymous wrote Do

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    Similar to everything else in your home the washing machine should get a deep clean at least once a year. Remove smells and buildup with this 5 step home h

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    If the brown flakes are from some rusting components you may have to dismantle and repaint those components.. On the other hand if the brown flakes are just accumulated dirts and water contaminants you may have to run the machine on the clean cycle and use some stain and rust removing chemicals. Barbara Hansen

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    If there is still a aignificant amount of tobacco in the drum repeat cleaning with rag and empty load run until you are satisfied. As far as dryer what was washed can probably be dried but split the load into two dryer runs clean the dryer and the lint trap out both times. The loose tobacco can be brushed off after drying.