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    The present study deals with hydrochemical trend of ground water and pollution in Rajapalayam. Water samples were collected from five different region of Rajapalayam town and analyzed for various

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    Rajapalayam dog is an Indian breed named after a place in Tamil Nadu India. It is also known as the Poligar hound Vellai Moonji Naai and was originally developed as a boar hunting dog and is a very old and rare breed of sighthound. They are typically white in colour and have pink noses pale skin and brown or blue eyes.

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    Rajapalayam Dr. V. Venkatraman Principal Head Research Centre in History Rajapalayam Rajus College Rajapalayam The nineteenth century was a period of nationalist upsurges in many countries of the world. India was not an exception. Beginning as it did with a demand for a share in power the freedom movement in

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    Rajapalayam Breed History. The Rajapalayam breed also known as the Poligar hound is a very old breed of sighthound that is believed to have been developed in the area of Tamil Nadu to hunt the wild boar that is found there possibly by the Nayak Dynasty which ruled the area from 1529 to 1736 AD. Most records indicate that they started out as

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    The beautiful Rajapalayam town is in the foothills of the Western Ghats. People from this town were farmers who were living on the edge of the forest. Animals from the forest raided their farms for food. Also villagers went into the woods to hunt game for food. They needed a dog that can protect their farms from wild animals as well as hunt.

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    History Research Centre in History Rajapalayam Rajus College Rajapalayam 2007 2015 8 years Sub Editor for Proceeding of the South Indian History Congress ournal of History South Indian History Congress Madurai 2018 Till now 3 years 3. NSS Programme Officer Rajapalayam Rajus College Rajapalayam 2010 2016 6 years 4. Coordinator

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    The total literacy rate of Rajapalayam Taluka is . The male literacy rate is and the literacy rate is in Rajapalayam Taluka. Population 347 668 Literacy Ratio 1 004 To facilitate the administration Rajapalayam Taluka is further divided into 6 towns and 38 villages. Rajapalayam Taluka Data

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    The Rajapalayam Kshatriyas Between 1650 and 1750 with the collapse of the Vijayanagar empire Some Of the Andhra Kshatriya families scattered towards south down to gradudly gathered and settled at Rajapalayam.

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    rajapalayam rajus college established in the year 1973 has successfully completed 49 years of service in the field of higher education in this cotton based industrial town rajapalayam it is the only governmentaided coeducational college in a radius of 30 kms catering to the needs of under privileged rural youth hailing from poor strata of .

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    The Rajapalayam dog is an Indian sighthound bred by the Rajas for hunting in Virudhunagar Tamil Nadu. A famous and revered breed they are nonetheless going extinct if not already past the threshold of species survival. If this is true it is a sad end to a noble and exceptionally loving breed with a strong history.

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    Here you can find information about our history latest events view photos and other information. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the website please email webmaster Latest Updates The 20th Annual GetTogether 2021took place virtually via a Zoom meeting on Sunday May 30 2021. Click here for photos

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    To know about Rajapalayam it is one of the important cities in India. The Rajapalayam travel guide helps you know about important places to visit. For more information about Rajapalayam tourism visit

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    History. Rajapalayam also known as poligar hound is an ancient Indian Dog breed. They were developed by the Nayak Dynasty in a city called Rajapalayam in Tamilnadu dogs were royal hunting dogs. Once Four Rajapalayams fought against the tiger to save their master from it s attack and killed that tiger in the forest which is in Virudhunagar Tamil Nadu.

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    Rajapalayam is an assembly constituency located in Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu. It falls under Tenkasi Lok Sabha Constituency. It is one of the 234 State Legislative Assembly Constituencies in Tamil Nadu in India. Madras State assembly. Year Winner Party 1962 R. Krishnasamy Naidu Indian National Congress 1967 A. A. S. Raja


    The small Catholic community used to come together in the small chapel in Puthupalayam built a century ago. Realizing the need for a bigger church Fr. Jacob Manala the then parish priest constructed the church. Carved out of Srivilliputhur Rajapalayam was declared a new parish on 11 May 1985 with Fr. G. Francis Britto as the first parish

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    It is also believed that 4 Rajapalayams once saved the life of their master fighting against a tiger and killing it bravely many years ago near a forest in Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu. They are largely used to guard the rice fields houses and farms.

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    This website has many Photos and Videos of Rajapalayam dog for more please visit our Facebook page and Youtube channel. Whatsapp to 97422 42700 for quality Rajapalayam puppy. History of Rajapalayam Dog

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    Besides its adorable little pink nose the Rajapalayam comes exclusively in only milky white as this trait was deemed the most desirable to breeders throughout Indian history. Your average Rajapalayam Dog is about 6065 cm in size and weighs 2530 kg for males. Whereas females are about 5560 cm in size and weigh about 2025 kg.

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    The Rajapalayam dog is a large dog usually measuring about 6575 cm (2530 inches) at the withers. It is a hound and therefore should be kept in optimum working condition. The most prized colour is milk white with a pink nose and golden eye. In the past puppies of colour were usually culled from the litters since the owners preferred

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    History Growth. Name "rajapalayam" is derived from the word "rajas" tamil synonym for raja and palayam in tamil means a "cantonment on fort". Thus rajapalayam means raja s fort. rajapalayam is inhabited by people who came from the old vijayanagaram state. One chinna raja a lineage decedent of the king of vijayanagar belonged to pasumpatti

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    Oct 6 2020Rajapalayam dog History. The Rajapalayam Dog is originated from the Nayak dynasty of Tamil Nadu in India whereas other experts suggest that the dog was brought to this region by the Nayakars in the time of the Vijayanagara king s reign. The Rajapalayam was developed to be a vivacious hunter who had a huge drive to please his owner.

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    For the year ending March 2022 Rajapalayam Mills has declared an equity dividend of amounting to Rs 1 per share. At the current share price of Rs this results in a dividend yield of

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    The Rajapalayam or the Indian Sighthound is a medium to large sized dog breed that is very wellbuilt and has a lean and muscular body. Get more information on Rajapalayam dog breed including its origin personality traits exercise needs health issues adaptability and many other things. Rajapalayam History and Background . This breed was

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    Rajapalayam (Tamil ɾaːdʑabaːɭaɪjam ) is a city in the Indian state of Tamil is the largest municipality in the Virudhunagar district. Rajapalayam is located in the Madurai to Quilon National Highway at a distance of 562 km south to the state capital is based on textile manufacture the town has several mills for spinning and weaving cotton as well as a large

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    The pure Rajapalayam used to only be found in isolated pockets around southern Tamil Nadu. A dog breeding unit was established at Saidapet Chennai during 198081. This unit primarily rears native breeds such as the Rajapalayam dog Combai dog kanni and Chippiparai. 4